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Poker without the Troubles

No Downloads Needed! Full control of your players account balance(s)

We have created a place where you can set up and run private poker games with anyone you know. No need for anyone to download anything. No need for your players to deposit anything or give credit card info. You find and invite players which sign up under you. It is no cost to them. Play with friends and family located across town or across the globe in a social experience that can't be duplicated with other systems. Combined with a voice-over-internet program like Skype or Zoom and it's almost like being together in person, except without the hassle of shuffling cards, counting out chips, or timing tournament levels!

Stop paying entry fees for a private table on commercial poker sites, which require all your players to have real-money accounts there. With your own Private Poker Subscription, you create your own ring game tables and tournaments, with complete control over the blinds schedule, starting chips, and payout structure. Only your players can play in your games.

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Poker Games Offered

Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha-5, and Omaha Hi-Lo games in Limit, Pot-Limit, No-Limit, and Cap-Limit formats.

7-Card Stud, Stud Hi-Lo, and Razz games in Limit format.

Play a mixed format, where any combination of other games can be played in rotation.

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Random Name
Random Name
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Features and Options

No Downloads!! Our software works on almost all current devices.

Tournaments played in freezeout, bounty, rebuy, or shootout format with customized blinds schedules and payout structures.

Satellite tournaments supported with ticket tokens used for payouts and buy-ins.

Hosting dashboard with players list.

Custom table themes with custom player avatars.

User accounts keep track of chip balances and player settings. You can view your players in a list with their balance(s).

Secondary Balance option for hosts needing more than a single currency option.

Free to try out!

No Download Poker Software

You can play on most device browsers. Devices must have a HTML5 compatible web browser with WebSocket support.

Compatable Browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, FireFox 11+ (Windows/Android), Chrome 14+ (Windows/Android/iOS), Opera 12.1+, Safari 6+ (Mac/iOS).


Private Poker uses a cryptographically secure shuffling algorithm for dealing cards. An RC4-based stream cipher seeded with a random 256-bit key is used as the random number generator. The key is produced by hashing a seed pool with the SHA-256 hash algorithm. The seed pool is constructed by sampling low bits from the CPU's 1.193 MHz high-performance counter in between a series of thread pauses.

The deck is represented internally as an integer array from 1 to 52 with 1 to 4 representing the deuce of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades respectively on up to 52 representing the ace of spades. Before each hand, the array is shuffled using the highly efficient Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm described in Donald Knuth's "The Art of Computer Programming" series of books. In Delphi, it looks like this:

for i:=52 downto 2 do
The prng_value function returns a random number from 0 to i-1 from the secure random number generator described above.

Cost Options / Subscription Packages

Private Cash Table: Weekend Pass $5 | Monthly $20

Tournaments: Single Table $1.50 | Multi Table $2.50 or $0.10 per entry

Silver Subscription: $30 per month

Gold Subscription: $50 per month

Stand Alone Poker Site: $100 per month + $100 set up fee
Big Gulp Poker / RealCardz / PokerHost.co

No Download Crypto Poker

Play and run your own crypto poker games. If its on tip.cc, we can set you up! Check it Out!

Contact Options to Request a Demo

Email: PrivatePoker@protonmail.com

Live Help: Open to Start Chat

Discord: Get Invited!